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Michel Meiffren, M.A., CADC III: Counseling and Evaluations

Discovering Your Path to Balance

We are dedicated to helping individuals who are transitioning 

through a crisis in their lives.

Whether you have been court-ordered for an evaluation/referral, or are seeking a major change in your life with the support of treatment, we are ready to assist you through the process.

For an appointment: 503-791-7405 

Pacific NW Sentencing Alternatives

If you have been ordered by the Court to make an appointment with this agency for one of the following evaluations, click here.


Alcohol and Drug


Minor in Possession

Marijuana Possession

Criminal Violence

Mental Health

ASAM Assessment - required for

residential placement

If you have been placed on

Court Monitoring Supervision with this agency, click here.

Counseling and Other Services

Path to Re-Centering

Chemical Dependency Counseling

Victim Impact Panel

Community Contracts

Prison Outreach