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Michel Meiffren, M.A., CADC III: Counseling and Evaluations

Discovering Your Path to Balance

Counseling and Other Services

 We provide Counseling Services for a wide range of personal challenges, including Chemical Dependency, Family, and Youth Counseling. If you are ready to identify and transform stubborn patterns of thinking and behavior that compromise your success and your happiness, we are ready to help. Do your obstacles feel too big to tackle? Are you going through a difficult time in your life due to changes in relationships?

Call now to arrange for an evaluation and counseling.


Thirty years of experience. Confidentiality guaranteed.


A Path to Re-Centering

Do you feel displaced in your own life? Are you unable to clearly see and pursue positive goals? Are your energies stuck in not-so-productive patterns that cause anxiety and self doubt?

Find the Courage to be Yourself and Hear what your Heart is telling you.

Our 10-week program, A Path to Re-Centering, helps you to uncover your own dynamic solutions to these questions and to take a bold step into the future you aspire to.

You will Learn:

  • new and more productive ways to respond to stress.
  • to let go of limitations that impair your progress.
  • to melt the glue that binds you to crippling patterns.
  • to use changes in your life as a springboard to your future.
  • Body-mind techniques to boost the energy levels available to you.

This Path will lead you to formulate and begin to implement a plan for the next stage of your life.



Chemical Dependency Counseling