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Michel Meiffren, M.A., CADC III: Counseling and Evaluations

Discovering Your Path to Balance

Court Monitoring Supervision

If you were ordered by the Court to have Court Supervision Monitoring by this agency, you are required to:

1. Submit a Court Supervision Monthly Report by the first of each month.

This form will be mailed* to you each month for you to fill and return one of

three ways: 

Mail it: 


Pier 39, 100 39th St.

Suite 22-C

Astoria, OR 97103

Fax it: 


Scan & email it:

[email protected]

*You can also download this form. See below.

 2. Pay your Probation Monitoring Fee by the first of each month. You can pay your monthly fee by cash, check, money order, or by credit card through Paypal (below).

3. Schedule and attend your monthly Supervision Appointment. To be considered in compliance with your probation, you are required to meet each month with Michel Meiffren to set goals and review progress. It is your responsibility to call 503-791-7405 or email [email protected] to schedule and attend your monthly Supervision Appointment.      

Probation Monitoring Fee